Dwight School Seoul celebrates graduation with socially distanced ceremony.

Dwight School Seoul, an international school in Seoul, had a face-to-face graduation ceremony for its high school senior class Friday, despite the COVID-19 pandemic.

The extra measures employed to prevent any spread of the virus created an unusual scene. Guests and 27 graduating students passed through tight security involving thermal cameras and a sanitizing procedure. Inside the venue, all in attendance wore masks and there were spaces between seats to ensure social distancing.

“This has been a difficult year for seniors all over the world as all of the celebrations that usually happen in the last year of high school have been cancelled because of COVID-19,” the school said.

“With the Korean government advising all schools, including foreign schools, to close on Feb. 25, Dwight School Seoul students have been taking online classes for the last three months. Despite the many activities and 12th grade events that have been cancelled, the return to school came just in time to allow for a socially distanced graduation ceremony.”

Former United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon delivered a commencement speech through a video message.

“The world now has become more interconnected and closer than ever and will continue to become even more so in the future,” Ban said. “This has led to the rise of challenges on a global scale such as the COVID-19 outbreak that we are experiencing right now, as well as climate change, the defining global challenge of our time.

“I have always said that global challenges require solutions on a global scale. In the face of great adversity, it may be tempting to turn a blind eye, shift the burden of responsibility to others, and maybe even pretend the problem isn’t there. However, that is never the answer to any problem.

“It is in times of challenge that we must stick together and unite more than ever. Please remember the values of a global vision that Dwight School has taught you and let it serve as a beacon of light that guides you into the future.”

Dwight School Seoul is a part of Dwight Schools, a network of international Baccalaureate schools founded in 1872. It opened in 2012 in Seoul with programs for kindergarten through high school.

Source: Korea Times