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2505, 2020

[25th May 2020] Ministry of Justice Press Release: Notice of Suspension of Re-Entry Permit Exemption and Submission of Diagnosis for Re-Entry of Long-term Stayers.

2005, 2020

[20th May] Ministry of Economy & Finance: Press Release Action Plans for 550,000 Job Creation in Public Sector, part of the 1.56 Million  Job Creation Project announced last week. Revive Tourism How to Manage 40 Trillion Won Key Industry Relief Package Plans to Purchase Corporate Debt Through an SPV

1405, 2020

[14th May] Ministry of Economy & Finance Press Release: Government to Provide 1.56 Million Public Sector Jobs & How to Develop an Infection Control Industry.  

605, 2020

[6th May 2020] Financial Services Commission Press Release: Implementation of the COVID-19 emergency financial support for SME & Middle Market Enterprises, Small-Scale Businesses, Key Industries

2204, 2020

[MOEF 22 April 2020] 5th Emergency Economic Council Meeting

22nd April 2020 Ministry of Economy and Finance 5TH EMERGENCY ECONOMIC COUNCIL MEETING Wage Subsidies for small businesses and enterprises, and Programs for the unemployed, and Liquidity injection for cash-strapped companies and key industries.

904, 2020

[MOEF 09 April 2020] 4th Crisis Management Meeting

9th April 2020 Ministry of Economy & Finance 4rd Crisis Management Meeting Deputy Prime Minister Hong Nam-ki on how they will help retain jobs and plans to expand childcare leave, as well as support for businesses hit by social distancing.