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Re-Clean Holdings financially closes another project in Deagu and Busan

Re-Clean Holdings financially closes another project in Deagu and Busan [13 July 2018] Re-Clean Holdings, a renewable energy and environment services company in Korea announced it has financially closed the Re-Clean Daegu Project in June 2018. Re-Clean Daegu project includes agreements for a new combined heat and power facility (CHP) in Daegu’s Seong Seo Industrial Zone as well as acquiring and upgrading two Bio-SRF fuel plants and an Interim Fuel Product (IFP) plant all in the Busan region of Korea. Re-Clean Daegu will now design, build, and have a 20-year operating period for the CHP facility in addition to acquiring and maintaining all necessary licenses and permits. The facility is planned to be completed by the end of August 2020. Expected to be in operation 4 months following the completion of construction, the new CHP Facility will have two modes of capacity, which will be warranted by the Design/Build/Operate (DBO) contractor: the first producing 12.4 megawatts and 35 tons of steam per hour and the second producing 15 megawatts and 15 tons of steam per hour. Both Bio-SRF plants will receive Safety and Environmental upgrades in early 2019 to meet Re-Clean’s stringent international standards, followed in 2020 by additional works to increase fuel production capacity. These two plants, at Taesan and at Daesung, will then have a combined capacity of producing 390 tons of fuel per day for the Daegu CHP Facility. The IFP plant, at Daesung, will undergo a Safety and [...]

Melbourne University Alumni Event

27th June 2018: AustCham was pleased to recently support our Member, the University of Melbourne with its alumni cocktail reception event, held on the rooftop terrace of the Courtyard Marriott Namdaemun. Hosted by Senior Lecturer, Dr Daejeong Choi and Alumni Relations Manager, Rubina Bulot, this event provided an opportunity for the University of Melbourne alumni community to come together, share stories and network. AustCham's Vice Chair, and University of Melbourne Alumnus, Michael Chang, as a featured speaker, gave an insightful speech reflecting his experiences as a student and the value of the University's global alumni community. A cohort of students from the University are currently in Seoul for a two-week Global Management Consulting (GMC) program which aims at giving students an opportunity to gain vital industry work experience in an international setting. If you are an alumnus of the University based in Korea and didn't receive your invitation to the event, please email to update your details.

Interview with Robert Walters Korea

. Interview with Junwon Choi, Senior Manager of Industrial Team, Robert Walters Korea “There are a lot of opportunities if you lessen the burden of perfect English language skill.” . . Smart factories, a core part of the fourth industrial revolution, are driving significant changes in the landscape of the manufacturing industry. In the manufacturing job market, there are totally different issues coming up including re-education and re-employment for the existing workforce and a shortage of new employee candidates. Sanup Ilbo met Junwon Choi, a senior manager at Robert Walters, a leading bilingual specialist professional recruitment consultancy, and discussed the changes in the job market caused by the “smart revolution” in the manufacturing industry we are facing. New job opportunities to be created by increasing number of smart factories The semiconductor industry is the most active sector in regards to the job market in the Korean manufacturing industry, Mr. Choi pointed out. Samsung Electronics and SK Hynix recorded their best performance ever last year. This led to an active employment market in related suppliers such as equipment, parts and component companies. Furthermore, the volume of employment is increasing in ADAS (Advanced Driver-Assistance System) and battery sectors as investment in electric vehicles and self-driving cars is increased continuously. These changes in the manufacturing environment are taking place in line with the 4th industrial revolution. Particularly, professionals with capability in smart factory-relevant technologies including machine vision, factory automation and motion control and [...]

Macquarie Capital’s ‘Pioneering green investment’

On the 23rd of May, Macquarie Capital invited AustCham Korea representatives to attend its ‘Pioneering green investment’ event at the Four Seasons Hotel Seoul. Attended by around 100 global green energy industry experts, the event provided perspectives across the global infrastructure and green energy sectors, and a chance to introduce the alignment of Macquarie’s existing green energy businesses in Asia with the global Green Investment Group. Tim Bishop, Global Head of global Macquarie Capital, Hajir Naghdy, Chairman of Macquarie Capital Asia, John Walker, Vice Chairman of Macquarie Capital Asia and Chairman of Macquarie Group of companies Korea, Mark Dooley, Global Head of Green Energy, Macquarie Capital, Ed Northam, Head of GIG in Europe, executives of local financial investors and renewable energy companies, who are all leaders of the global and local finance and renewable industry, shared their views on global infrastructure energy business. Mr. Walker said, “The market rapidly grows; Green energy leading countries like UK has focused on renewable energy business and Korea also targets 20% from renewables of all energy sources by 2030. In Asia, Macquarie Capital already successfully lead the investment into this area in Korea, Taiwan and Japan and we will expand the market based on Green Investment Group’s expertise. With Macquarie, Korean financial and renewable energy companies can extend their reach to global renewables industry”. Macquarie acquired Green Investment Bank from the UK Government last year. Established by the UK Government in 2012 with the mission to accelerate [...]