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Important Resources and Information

In the light of the ongoing COVID-19 situation in Korea and globally, AustCham Korea has created a summary on the latest updates of the situation, sanitary measures and recommendations announced by the Australian and Korean governments.

Below you can find suggestions on websites, Facebook pages and apps to track COVID-19 outbreaks in Korea and also check the status of international travel.

Useful links from the Australian government and international outlets:

Korean Government Resources:

Useful links from local Korean outlets:

Phone numbers:

  • Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (KCDC) treatment hotline at 1339 or 1345 (English)

Apps to download:

  • Emergency Ready App – Official app by the Korean government that includes a translation of COVID-19 text message alerts. You can download it from Apple or Play store.
  • Coronamap ( shows the travel histories of confirmed COVID-19 patients.
  • Coronaita ( provides information on coronavirus-hit areas like a search engine.
  • Coronavirus Australia app – Official app from the Australian Government, available for download on Apple App Store or Google Play. It is also possible to join the WhatsApp channel on iOS or Android for updates.

Press Releases and Information

2505, 2020

[25th May 2020] Ministry of Justice Press Release: Notice of Suspension of Re-Entry Permit Exemption and Submission of Diagnosis for Re-Entry of Long-term Stayers.

2005, 2020

[20th May] Ministry of Economy & Finance: Press Release Action Plans for 550,000 Job Creation in Public Sector, part of the 1.56 Million  Job Creation Project announced last week. Revive Tourism How to Manage 40 Trillion Won Key Industry Relief Package Plans to Purchase Corporate Debt Through an SPV

1405, 2020

[14th May] Ministry of Economy & Finance Press Release: Government to Provide 1.56 Million Public Sector Jobs & How to Develop an Infection Control Industry.  

605, 2020

[6th May 2020] Financial Services Commission Press Release: Implementation of the COVID-19 emergency financial support for SME & Middle Market Enterprises, Small-Scale Businesses, Key Industries

605, 2020

[6th May 2020] Financial Services Commission Press Release: Key Industries in Bailout Fund. Airline, Maritime Shipping, Machinery, Automobile, Shipbuilding, Electric Power, Communications Industries.

505, 2020

[FSC 4th May 2020] Financial Services Commission FSC Selects Six SME-Specialised Investment Firms to better serve the financing needs of SME's and Start-ups

2704, 2020

[MOEF 27 April 2020] Ministerial Meeting on International Economic Affairs

27th April 2020 Ministry of Economy & Finance Government to Work on New International Cooperation Amid COVID 19 Pandemic 1) Support exporters: Expand export financing and work on difficulties exporters are faced with. 2) New international cooperation amid the pandemic: Share the country’s COVID-19 prevention and treatment programs and help developing countries. 3) Improve bilateral cooperation: with Japan and the administration’s New South and New North policies with China, Vietnam, and Russia.

2204, 2020

[MOEF 22 April 2020] 5th Emergency Economic Council Meeting

22nd April 2020 Ministry of Economy and Finance 5TH EMERGENCY ECONOMIC COUNCIL MEETING Wage Subsidies for small businesses and enterprises, and Programs for the unemployed, and Liquidity injection for cash-strapped companies and key industries.

904, 2020

[MOEF 09 April 2020] 4th Crisis Management Meeting

9th April 2020 Ministry of Economy & Finance 4rd Crisis Management Meeting Deputy Prime Minister Hong Nam-ki on how they will help retain jobs and plans to expand childcare leave, as well as support for businesses hit by social distancing.