Monthly e-Newsletter

AustCham’s e-Newsletter is a valuable communication tool, informing our members on the latest trade and business news between Australia and Korea and carries up-to-date information on the Chamber’s activities and events. This widely read publication of up to 1000 subscribers is also an important medium for promoting AustCham members’ company information and initiatives. We encourage all members to provide relevant material for inclusion.

Membership Directory

In line with the Chamber’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) mission in minimising our carbon footprint, the Chamber has moved towards a paperless and digital membership directory. While non-members will still have basic access to our online membership database, only AustCham members will be granted special access to members names and contact information via a unique login username and password.

Electronic Direct Email (EDM)

Sent out to our membership base and email subscribers, EDM promotion email will be delivered from the Chamber in a special M2M email frame to help raise the credibility and open rate of your email.

Social Media Network

With thousands of followers across our Social Networking Services (SNS) platforms, social media plays a vital tool in connecting with our members and those within the Australian-Korean Business community. In addition to our primary SNS channel, Facebook, AustCham utilises Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube to interact, inform and promote our organisation and members online.

Event Sponsorship

AustCham provides opportunities to sponsor food & beverages, raffle prizes, or event venue. Once you become an event sponsor, your company’s logo is promoted on our website and social media network, and during events.