Advocacy & Corporate Social Responsibility

Communicating with the KOTRA Ombudsman Office

Recognising that foreign businesses can face challenges in doing business in Korea, AustCham supports our members in communicating with the KOTRA Ombudsman Office.

Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives

AustCham has a strong sense of Corporate Social responsibility and actively seeks to provide support to several organisations in Korea. In recent years, the Chamber has assisted Raphael House, the Jeon Jin Sang Hospice & Medical Center and cochlear recipients from low-income families (by sponsoring their speech pathology as they first learn to hear). AustCham also works with partner organisations such as ANZA to support their charitable activities.

In recognition of Australia’s long-standing relationship with Korea, AustCham has for many years provided annual scholarships to selected students from the Gapyeong Valley. The Battle of Gapyeong occurred in April 1951 during the Korean War and was the single largest action involving Australian servicemen during the Korean War.