Pepper Savings Bank selected as one of the top Green Energy companies in Korea by Hankook Ilbo.

[Hankuk Ilbo, May 26th , 2020]

Pepper Savings Bank provides up to 1%p of a special rate discount per year to applicants who use a green building for a residential mortgage

Pepper Savings Bank is the only Australian savings bank in Korea, which was launched in 2013 in the country with the aim of a “Healing Bank from Australia”. It has continued to grow every year, standing at the big 4 out of 79 saving banks as of the end of 2019. Pepper Savings Bank is the first in the industry to launch a special rate loan program for green building holders and for eco-friendly automobile holders, contributing to energy savings and leading green finance.

The special rate provision campaign for green building holders provides a special rate discount ranging from at least 0.3%p to up to 1%p per year to applicants who put up a green building as collateral for a residential mortgage. Special rate is eligible not only for apartments, but also any forms of green buildings – such as multi-family residents, shops, factories – that obtained the green building grade certificate and energy efficiency grade certificate.

The special rate provision campaign for eco-friendly automobile holders provides a special discount rate of 4%p per year to applicants who put up an eco-friendly automobile as collateral for a lending. Applicants who use their electric cars and hydrogen-powered cars as collateral will get a special rate cut of 2~4%p per year, and hybrid cars and plug-in cars can get 1~2%p rate cut per year.

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