Digital Choir ∙ Online Exhibition… Unique online education programs increasing learning immersion.

With the spread of coronavirus worldwide, online classes are underway across the education sector in Korea. Necessity has once again been the mother of invention leading to a wide variety of creative learning opportunities for students of all ages.

Dulwich College Seoul located in Banpo-dong, Seoul has received a great response from students and parents for presenting students’ digital choral performances on the school’s Facebook page as part of an online music class. The digital chorus performance was achieved by faculty merging individual recording files of students at home singing the same song into a single file.

The school also encourages students at home to maintain their interest in art classes by conducting online photo contests on specific topics such as ‘Borderless Creativity’ and ‘One Global Family’ as well as online exhibitions of artwork. Live exercise classes are being run every day. So, despite the campus being closed, the broad nature of their education programs continues.

In a similar vein, every day the Gyeonggi Provincial Office of Education introduces fun online programs for each grade level for preschool and elementary school students on its “Let’s Play Together” website. The games, which are different from most online education platforms which focus on academics, are designed to encourage students to study at home and cover topics such as “Scientific Experiments at Home” and “Becoming an Archaeologist.”

The National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art has released a series of “Art Museums Children Can View from Home,” where children can view the works of famous artists online for their art education. When children access the online homepage or YouTube, they can listen to explanations of work from such famous artists as Park Seo-bo, Marcel Duchamp, and Ahn Kyu-cheol. Also, children can try making their own art by following the video guide.

“The current situation is unique in our lifetimes and has presented challenges everywhere. While very few positives can be drawn, one is that educators, parents and students have been drawn closer together and everyone’s digital capabilities have been improved”, remarked Graeme Salt, headmaster at Dulwich College Seoul. “Korea’s excellent technology infrastructure combined with our pedagogical expertise and the support of parents has meant children have not missed out on learning despite the unfortunate circumstances.”

Dulwich College Seoul has been offering online education to all students since February 24th. Students participate in real-time online video lessons in line with the existing regular class schedule, with faculty members having transformed existing educational programs for online interaction and engagement.

Read the news in Korean on Seoul Wire.

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Dulwich College is one of the UK’s oldest independent schools, founded in South London as a boys’ school in 1619. Dulwich College International (DCI) was established to bring the Dulwich education to students around the world and is now one of the fastest growing UK independent school networks. Through DCI, Dulwich College has been in Asia for almost 15 years. The Dulwich network currently provides for over 9,000 students in eleven cities and five countries, with Colleges in London, the Pudong and Puxi districts of Shanghai, in Beijing, Suzhou, Seoul, Singapore and Yangon, International High Schools in Suzhou and Zhuhai, and a sister school in Dehong. Dulwich College Seoul opened in 2010, steadily expanding its roll to a capacity 700 students from age 3 to age 18. Over forty different nationalities are represented in its diverse student body. Dulwich College Seoul is open to students who have one or two parents who do not have South Korean nationality as verified by an alien registration card and Korean family registry, as well as to Korean students who have lived overseas for no less than 3 years (1,095 days) as verified by the “Entry and Exit Certificate” issued by the Korean immigration department.

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