2019 Korea Trusted Innovation Awards ‘Pepper-Roo’ Pepper Savings Bank / Innovation in Savings Bank Sector

[26 July 2019]

Pepper-Roo of Pepper Savings Bank has been awarded ‘Innovation in Savings Bank Sector’ at the ‘2019 Korea Trusted Innovation Awards’ by Joongang Ilbo, a top-tier general daily newspaper in Korea.

One of the top 5 savings bank with the largest asset size, Pepper Savings Bank has been developing a mobile platform and successfully released ‘Pepper-Roo’, a mobile banking application in March 2018.

‘Pepper-Roo’ allows its app users to open a savings account and apply for a loan, with no need of visiting the bank or submitting paper documents. Pepper-Roo app not only provides deposit/withdrawal service but also allows its users to apply for loan services, safely and conveniently.

In addition, ‘Pepper-Roo’ has other various functions, such as applying for a credit card, or a credit loan, and checking a loan limit for a mortgage loan and an auto loan.

‘Pepper-Roo Savings Deposit’ is a main deposit program with an interest rate of 2.0%, given with no requirement, exclusively on Pepper-Roo app. Through this program, app users could receive stable interest and easily manage their assets.

On the back of lowering trend of term deposit rate and growing customer’s needs of parking funds temporarily, ‘Pepperoo Savings Deposit’ has gained huge popularity.

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