30th Anniversary of True Aussie Beef Activities in Korea

[18 June 2019]

AustCham Korea would like to congratulate Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA) on their 30th Anniversary of supplying high quality, clean, fresh and safe beef into the Korean market.
During Tuesday’s press conference at the Plaza Hotel (Seoul), MLA highlighted the importance of the Korean market, stating that Korea accounts for 15 percent of Australia’s total beef exports.
During his keynote speech, Jason Strong, MLA Managing Director and made some interesting pointing during his presentation:
  • The commercial relationship between Korea and Australia is extremely strong, and it is valued extremely highly by MLA and the industry.
  • The Australian beef industry has recently set the ambitious goal of being 100% carbon neutral by 2030 and recently produced a ‘sustainability framework’ to help inform interested parties about what we are doing in this area. Since 1990 water use in the industry has reduced by 65%, and greenhouse gas emissions by 14%.
  • Since 2003 there has been a 57% reduction in the waste created from beef production. Over that time the MLA has also increased production by 33%.
As the Regional Manager of MLA Korea, Charlie Ko also provided insights into the market: 
  • Since MLA’s market entry in 1989, Korea has grown to be Australia’s third largest beef market. Last year Korea imported over 175,000 tons of Australian beef.
  • MLA has been actively communicating with the industry and consumers through various MKT activities that meet the most current food/industry trend.
  • The most recent consumer research shows that Korean consumers’ Key Buying Factor for beef are freshness, the country of origin and quality. Aussie beef has been developing high trust with Korean families that have seen MLA lead all competitors in all 3 areas.
    • Very high Brand Awareness (85%), Brand Preference (73%) and Purchase Intention (73%), which all indicate consumer satisfaction and acknowledgement of MLA goal of providing ‘True Aussie Beef’ that is safe, clean and healthy.
  • MLA truly appreciates the strong relationships that have been developed over the last 30 years and will keep doing its best to provide the best quality Australian beef and support the industry and consumers in the years to come.

News article: http://www.thinkfood.co.kr/news/articleView.html?idxno=84494

New Video: http://www.mbn.co.kr/pages/vod/programView.mbn?bcastSeqNo=1215419+

MLA Website: https://www.mla.com.au/marketing-beef-and-lamb/international-markets/korea/