Chamber meets with newly elected Foreign Investment Ombudsman

[17 October 2018]

As a part of the Chamber’s advocacy initiatives, AustCham Korea’s Chair, Chris Raciti, sat down with the newly elected Foreign Investment Ombudsman, Kim Sung Jin and representatives from the state-funded trade and investment promotion organisation (KOTRA) to discuss best practices in resolving business related issues.

Directly commissioned by President Moon, the Foreign Investment Ombudsman works to resolve various grievances of foreign investors and foreign-invested companies through close cooperation with “home doctors,” who have deep knowledge and expertise in their respective fields of finance, taxation, intellectual property, construction, labor, environment, etc. as well as with investment cooperation officers dispatched from the central and local governments.

Working alongside KOTRA and the Foreign Investment Ombudsman, the Chamber encourages Members to contact us for assistance in resolving business related grievances.

For more information, please contact Sola Nam, Executive Director of AustCham Korea –

Foreign Investment Ombudsman