Re-Clean Holdings financially closes another project in Deagu and Busan

[13 July 2018]

Re-Clean Holdings, a renewable energy and environment services company in Korea announced it has financially closed the Re-Clean Daegu Project in June 2018. Re-Clean Daegu project includes agreements for a new combined heat and power facility (CHP) in Daegu’s Seong Seo Industrial Zone as well as acquiring and upgrading two Bio-SRF fuel plants and an Interim Fuel Product (IFP) plant all in the Busan region of Korea.

Re-Clean Daegu will now design, build, and have a 20-year operating period for the CHP facility in addition to acquiring and maintaining all necessary licenses and permits. The facility is planned to be completed by the end of August 2020. Expected to be in operation 4 months following the completion of construction, the new CHP Facility will have two modes of capacity, which will be warranted by the Design/Build/Operate (DBO) contractor: the first producing 12.4 megawatts and 35 tons of steam per hour and the second producing 15 megawatts and 15 tons of steam per hour.

Both Bio-SRF plants will receive Safety and Environmental upgrades in early 2019 to meet Re-Clean’s stringent international standards, followed in 2020 by additional works to increase fuel production capacity. These two plants, at Taesan and at Daesung, will then have a combined capacity of producing 390 tons of fuel per day for the Daegu CHP Facility. The IFP plant, at Daesung, will undergo a Safety and Environmental upgrade immediately and begin production of 160 tons of combustible waste per day by the middle of August 2018.

The project at Daegu will mean Re-Clean has three CHP Facilities now under construction. The other facilities are at Haman (9.9 megawatts and 23 tons of steam per day) and at Yeoju (9.8 megawatts).

Re-Clean’s current portfolio of facilities consists of Food Waste Recycling, Solid Refuse Fuel (SRF)/Bio-SRF production and Combined Heat & Power (CHP)