On the 23rd of May, Macquarie Capital invited AustCham Korea representatives to attend its ‘Pioneering green investment’ event at the Four Seasons Hotel Seoul. Attended by around 100 global green energy industry experts, the event provided perspectives across the global infrastructure and green energy sectors, and a chance to introduce the alignment of Macquarie’s existing green energy businesses in Asia with the global Green Investment Group.
Tim Bishop, Global Head of global Macquarie Capital, Hajir Naghdy, Chairman of Macquarie Capital Asia, John Walker, Vice Chairman of Macquarie Capital Asia and Chairman of Macquarie Group of companies Korea, Mark Dooley, Global Head of Green Energy, Macquarie Capital, Ed Northam, Head of GIG in Europe, executives of local financial investors and renewable energy companies, who are all leaders of the global and local finance and renewable industry, shared their views on global infrastructure energy business.
Mr. Walker said, “The market rapidly grows; Green energy leading countries like UK has focused on renewable energy business and Korea also targets 20% from renewables of all energy sources by 2030. In Asia, Macquarie Capital already successfully lead the investment into this area in Korea, Taiwan and Japan and we will expand the market based on Green Investment Group’s expertise. With Macquarie, Korean financial and renewable energy companies can extend their reach to global renewables industry”.
Macquarie acquired Green Investment Bank from the UK Government last year. Established by the UK Government in 2012 with the mission to accelerate the UK’s transition to a low carbon economy and involved in the financing of 100 green projects with a total deal value of more than £12bn, the Green Investment Bank was the first institution of its kind in the world. Macquarie recreated it to Green Investment Group with expertise and capabilities in green energy investment, project delivery, portfolio management and government policy advice.
Macquarie Capital has been investing actively in renewables and waste to energy business in Taiwan, Japan as well as in Korea. For Korea, ReClean Holdings is great example of a specialised food waste and waste to energy businesses.