Korea Economic Forum: Korea’s SMEs and Service Sector

//Korea Economic Forum: Korea’s SMEs and Service Sector

Korea Economic Forum: Korea’s SMEs and Service Sector

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Korea Economic Forum focuses on Korea’s SMEs and Service Sector

New FSS Chair signals government support to stimulate economic growth

AustCham was well represented at the 2013 Korea Economic Forum held on May 23, 2013.  

The key note speaker was the Shin Je-Yoon, newly appointed Chair of the Financial Services Commission. 

In his address, Mr. Shin outlined the economic agenda of the new Government with a focus on more creative approaches to economic issues and a strong emphasis to grow opportunities for SMEs.

Mr. Shin highlighted a range of measures supporting SMEs including tax breaks, government funding and facilitating easier access to public capital via a new market, to be called KONEX, which will have lower threshold listing requirements than KOSDAQ and KRX.  

Mr. Shin also noted that Korea’s sustained low economic growth rate is triggering an awareness in the government to stimulate the domestic economy, in particular the services sector. 

Graham Dodds, AustCham Chair said, “AustCham’s agenda, with a strong focus on SME support, is closely aligned with this key plank of the new Government’s economic agenda.  I encourage our members to become more involved in our SME Sub-committee to encourage this important sector of the economy”.  

AustCham’s SME Committee is headed by Ross Gregory and all members of the Chamber are encouraged to become involved with the SME and our many other committees that target important business, corporate social responsibility, membership and networking focus areas.  Please contact Jiseon Kim, Executive Director (exec@austchamkorea.org ) for more information. 

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