Corporate Social Responsibility at AustCham Korea

//Corporate Social Responsibility at AustCham Korea

Corporate Social Responsibility at AustCham Korea

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Corporate Social Responsibility at AustCham Korea

AustCham has an active Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Committee, focussed on donating both money and time to those in need throughout Korea.

We offer our on-going support to a variety of causes and also seek new opportunities to assist those in need.

AustCham has also partnered with ANZA, the Kiwi Chamber and other Commonwealth Chambers on a number of CSR events this year which together have already raised over 60 million won.

Later in 2013 we’re planning a practical, joint CSR event with POSCO where we’ll be asking our AustCham members to donate time instead of money.

Practical CSR events provide a win-win for those participating as well as those receiving the assistance.

Stay tuned for more on this event or contact Jieseon Kim ( for more information on the CSR Committee and its activities or tell us about any worthwhile charities which AustCham could assist.

AustCham is looking for CSR Partners
Would you like to partner AustCham in a funds-matching donation program to support local Korean charities?

Do you have any funds left in your 2013 CSR budget?

We would be delighted to hear from any of our members or sponsors who would like to join AustCham in a co-funding arrangement to maximize our CSR efforts this year.

We’re currently finalizing our remaining CSR budget for 2013 so contact us immediately if you would like to partner with us – or you’d like us to partner you!

These are some of our other recent CSR initiatives:

Scholarships for Middle and High School Students at Kapyong
For many years AustCham has provided scholarships to students living in and around the Kapyong Valley.

In this way we honour both the bravery and sacrifice of those Australian soldiers who fought and died during the Battle of
Kapyong (22-25 April, 1951) in the Korean War, and Australia’s longstanding commitment to peace and prosperity on the Korean Peninsula.

In 2013 AustCham donated four scholarships to Kapyong students – two to the Middle School and two to the High School
totalling 1.3 million won.

AustCham also laid a wreath at the ANZAC Day Dawn Service in Seoul this year to remember those Australian and New Zealand soldiers who gave their lives in the ANZAC spirit. 

Cochlear Implant Sponsorship
In partnership with the Australian and New Zealand Association (ANZA), AustCham provides sponsorship for cochlear implants for young Koreans.

The cochlear implant is an Australian invention. For several years, AustCham has continued its support for families whose children require Cochlear’s aural implants but cannot afford them.

This four-year commitment covers both the cost of the surgery and speech therapy.

AustCham’s 2013 Cochlear sponsorship is KRW 1.8 mil.

Jeon Jin Sang
AustCham is a long-time sponsor of the Jeon Jin Sang Clinic & Hospice in ShiHeung, Seoul.

Jeon Jin Sang provides multi-disciplinary services for isolated children, the disabled, senior citizens and the terminally ill.

In 2012 we assisted them to purchase a much-needed new Gastro-Fiber-Scope machine for diagnosing and treating gastro-intestinal disorders.

At the State of Origin rugby event in July, we raised 1.5 million won for Jeon Jin Sang, and they will also benefit from the proceeds of the Commonwealth Chambers Networking event in September. (

Rapha House
AustCham partnered with ANZA and the Kiwi Chamber in August to host the Bledisloe Cup rugby event.

From our proceeds and raffle ticket sales we raised 1.4 million won for Rapha House in Seoul which provides education, shelter and therapy for young boys who have been assaulted or abandoned by their parents.

Rapha House aims to heal the damaged minds of runaway teenagers, maladjusted teens, teens with divorced parents and abandoned teens through various healing programs and to provide care so they can build a healthy self-identity through natural affinity.Goods Donation Drive

In 2012 the CSR Committee organized a Goods Donation Drive whereby corporate and individual members donated their pre-loved goods to needy families in Seoul.

Items were dropped off at the houses of AustCham Board Members who offered Australian refreshments throughout the day.

These goods were collected, sorted and delivered by AustCham members.

This initiative was a great success and AustCham hopes to repeat it. 

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