AustCham and CanCham Host Joint Energy Forum

//AustCham and CanCham Host Joint Energy Forum

AustCham and CanCham Host Joint Energy Forum

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AustCham and CanCham Host Joint Energy Forum 

Korea’s summer electricity shortages may be a thing of the past…

A joint event was hosted by the Australian Chamber of Commerce in Korea (AustCham) and the Canadian Chamber of Commerce (CanCham) on the important issue of energy on Thursday, 12th September 2013 at the Hyatt Hotel in Seoul. 

Speaking on this critical topic was Dr. Hwan-Eik Cho, President and CEO of Korea Electric Power Co., Ltd. and Mr. Kyung-Rog Kim, Country President of Schneider Electric. 

Dr. Cho provided good news for Korean residents who have been suffering from reduced air conditioner use during recent summers. 

Dr. Cho, who is also Chair of the 22nd World Energy Organising Committee, indicated that electricity restrictions may not be needed next summer as additional power generating capacity comes on-line. 

Members also heard about the expected development of energy systems and the distribution of energy from Schneider Electric’s Mr Kim. 

The event was well attended by members of both Chambers and it was an excellent opportunity for new networks and relationships to be developed. 

Graham Dodds, AustCham Korea Chair, noted in his closing remarks that “Korea is highly dependent on imported energy and must continue to make efforts to ensure its energy system is as efficient as possible.”

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